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Ruskin Collection

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Title: Ruskin - History
Abstract/Description: In this collection, both written and oral histories (and memoirs of life in Ruskin) will be found. Oral History and Memoirs from founding family members (Millers and Dickmans) will be found in the Founding Families collections within specific family member folders.)
Title: Ruskin - Miscellaneous
Abstract/Description: Items, articles and artifacts, not otherwise classified
Title: Ruskin - Photo Collection
Abstract/Description: Historical Photos of Ruskin, Florida
Title: Ruskin - Primary Source Documents
Abstract/Description: Original documents and artifacts relating to Ruskin History
Title: Ruskin College
Abstract/Description: This collection holds many items relating to Ruskin College. The college, founded in 1913, grew to have an enrollment of 160 students. It closed its doors following World War I and a disastrous fire that destroyed most of the college in 1918. The building pictured in the thumbnail is the original 1...
Title: Ruskin People - Founding Families
Abstract/Description: This collection will house the extensive records provided to HCC on the Miller and Dickman families, the founders of Ruskin, Florida