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Title: A Piece of History: The Writings of Aleta Jonie Maschek
Abstract/Description: Journalist, and local historian, Aleta Jonie Maschek (1922-2018) was a frequent contributor to the News Observer on the history of Southern Hillsborough County. Her stories concentrated on the people of South County and she relied, heavily, on oral histories to present a unique view of life in the ...
Title: Calendar Collection: Historical Photos of South Hillsborough County
Abstract/Description: These calendars all contain important photographs of South County locations, businesses and people that are an important record of life in South County. Many of these calendars were produced by Gardinier Phosphate Company and later Mosaic.
Title: Hernando de Soto Landing and Route in Florida
Summary: This letter and accompanying notes provide by historian Jerald T. Milanich (University of Florida) concern a lecture he gave in Bradenton inn 1986 concerning his beliefs that Hernando de Soto's landing spot was at Piney Point, just south of the Hillsborough County line. These notes give important...
Identifier: HCC0101SHC111 (IID)
Title: Hillsborough County Historic Resources Inventory
Abstract/Description: These three reports detail each of the historical resources listed on the Hillsborough County Historic Resource data base. Each of these properties is privately owned, and owners (which can be governmental units) has the potential to apply to the County Commission to be listed as a Registered Histo...
Title: Memoirs of Clarence Harding
Abstract/Description: Clarence Harding born in Brandon in January 1898, died in Manatee County in September 1974. Harding was a well known journalist, writing for both the local Observer News and the Bradenton Herald. His weekly column , "Hook, Line and Sinker" was widely read in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. An inveterate fi...
Title: South County - Early Land Survey Records
Abstract/Description: The first official survey of Florida was performed around 1824. The original survey notes and plats have been preserved and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has made these General Land Office (GLO) Early Records available to the public in electronic format. If you wish to explore ...
Title: South County - Histories
Abstract/Description: Written histories and memoirs of South Hillsborough County. (Items related to a specific South Shore Community will be found in that town's collection.)
Title: South County - Miscellaneous
Abstract/Description: This folder will contain items relating to general South County history, not otherwise classified. Items relating to specific towns will be found in that town's section.
Title: South County - Photos
Abstract/Description: This folder contains photos of general South County history. Photos relating to a specific town will be found in that town's collections.
Title: South County Newspapers (Incomplete)
Abstract/Description: This collection highlights local newspapers that can help the reviewer understand local issues, local people and businesses. We will add to this collection over time as new issues become available. These are historical newspapers, no longer in print and not available through on line resources.