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Southern Hillsborough County - General Collections

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Title: South County - Early Land Survey Records
Abstract/Description: The first official survey of Florida was performed around 1824. The original survey notes and plats have been preserved and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has made these General Land Office (GLO) Early Records available to the public in electronic format. If you wish to explore ...
Title: South County - Histories
Abstract/Description: Written histories and memoirs of South Hillsborough County. (Items related to a specific South Shore Community will be found in that town's collection.)
Title: South County - Miscellaneous
Abstract/Description: This folder will contain items relating to general South County history, not otherwise classified. Items relating to specific towns will be found in that town's section.
Title: South County - Photos
Abstract/Description: This folder contains photos of general South County history. Photos relating to a specific town will be found in that town's collections.