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Title: A Piece of History: Volume 3: Sun City Center
Summary: This booklet is part of a series, entitled "A Piece of History" by Aleta Jonie Maschek (1922-2018). Ms. Maschek wrote a series of newspapers articles on South Shore residents, weaving in their memories of history, settlement and life in South Shore. This volume, #3 in a series of six, revolves arou...
Identifier: HCC0101SCC001 (IID)
Title: Sun City Center - History and Memoirs
Abstract/Description: This collection includes items relating to the history of the development of Sun City Center, beginning in 1962. Pictured is Del E. Webb, founder of Sun City Center
Title: Sun City Center - Miscellaneous
Abstract/Description: Items in the collection not other wise classified
Title: Sun City Center - Photos
Abstract/Description: A collection of historical photographs depicting Sun City Center