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Ruskin People - Founding Families

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Title: A. P. Dickman and Family
Abstract/Description: Brother-in-law to Ruskin founder, George McA. Miller. Wife was Rose Dickman. Paul and Pauline Dickman were twin children of A. P. and Rose Dickman. The house pictured is the A. P. Dickman house, still standing on Dickman Way in Ruskin, FL on a beautiful site along the Ruskin Inlet.
Title: George McA. Miller and Family
Abstract/Description: Founder of Ruskin College and earliest pioneer to what was to become Ruskin, FL. Wife was Adaline Miller.
Title: Miller - Dickman family trees
Summary: We found and scanned 14 pages related to the Miller's and Dickman's of Ruskin Florida in this book. Starting with George McA Miller (born Feb 1857) through Arthur McA Miller (born Dec 1937) -and- Pauline Dickman & Paul B Dickman (twins born May 1897) through Glen K Dickman (born Oct 1951) there are...
Identifier: HCC0101RUS134 (IID)